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I am not a victim!

I am not a victim! I am not a victim therefore no crime has been perpetrated against me and a few millions like me and it follows securely that no evil criminal did anything to anybody who ain't no victim of any misdeed that never occurred and might have led who knows who? to infer ludicrously that logic forgives loads where imaginary victims fantasize about vengeance in the form of heavy punitive sentencing and other golden delicacies.
I am not a victim, I am not complaining about whatever, I'm no social justice warrior; only a citizen enraged at losing his sense of humor.

The Academic Conspiracy Makes No Sense

A couple of days ago I watched some podcast hosted by the 'Heterodox Academy': 'How to have conversations that work', with Glenn Loury, John McWhorter and Erec Smith as acting MC, youngest of three African or black American men or whatever politically correct denomination applies of which, living in France outside academia, I might not be faultlessly aware.

I watched, I listened and I tried to translate the issue of being 'sell-outs', for attempting to walk the slightly unorthodox line of speaking one's minds and not someone else's and it occurred to me that a close enough equivalent in my own circumstances, white European, was being suspected of antisemitism because of a disagreement with Israel's policies in Palestine. Since the suspicion-accusation was addressed to a foggy antisionist entity by a rabid former 'Premier Ministre', jolly happy to reintroduce hysteria as proof perfect of mastery of the art of ministering to the ministerable; since I was but an anonymous target for the delirium of a sleazy political figure of ten years ago, a forerunner in his own right of the impending backwardness, the insult didn't hurt me like Mr Loury, who is my age, for whom it was a family affair (although dummy in-laws do exist elsewhere); at most was I a little surprised to hear our 'Assemblée Nationale'(House of Representatives) applaud an unpolished act of spit and sham, raw demagoguery and no talent.

Yet Mr Loury is an economist and I mostly believe that that's a sell-out in itself, which makes me not a marxist, that's for sure but a communist maybe, happily endowed with a thicker skin than an economist's against bourgeois ideological babble, left and right.
John McWhorther, as a linguist, will enjoy at once a higher credibility status than the most progressive economist in the universe, where life as a rule is so unfair -lower in my gauge, try psychologist or physician- and, to make certain that antisemistism was an established trait of my deplorable character, I sent my thoughts on the subject to an association of jewish students too busy to reply, leaving me persuaded I had better watch my words before unwittingly breaking the law that says what it says that I know nothing about I dare say.
I thought reading 'La question Juive' by Sartre fifty years ago, and being born myself in a (chemical) concentration camp (yes my mother was a drug addict, addicted to prescription drugs legally prescribed, not to say warmly recommended by the industry and the powers that be) was enough of a jab for long-term immunity against the germs of political lunacy roaming the ages under many guises; I was wrong.
Morons can turn bully in the blink of an eye and there is no bottom to the debasement that is to be acclaimed as the very essence of all things human by holy elites worldwide, as shown lately by the corona pandemonium.
Coming to the third musketeer on the podium, age unknown... a taste of freedom, with him in a heartbeat I'll sing along, 'Bring it on!' I don't much care what intellectual nitwits think of my ethics; they'll have to prove first that they think at all.

Well, well, well, after thinking and watching and listening to three dark academics, little unacademic pale that I am, but in the know that skin color has little to do with it, whatever 'it' is, usually making a lot of sense, I was tempted to conclude that my whiteness qualify as a tan across the pond and two or more generations of american pundits, save for the first because all through my life economy hurt me a lot and economists don't listen much, but for a fee and to be listened to: so true is their truth, just like mine.
As for his partners I still have my doubts. In my mind some dubious populist ideology keeps whispering in globish latin 'Timeo Norteamericanos et wisdom ferentes' loosely translated in peripheral french to 'Academia quand tu les tiens, stupiditas n'est jamais loin', i.e. Yankee go home! How heterodox can academy be, before sinking in sheer absurdity or dire poverty?
Therefore I guess they are sell-outs after all, whether they like it or not, and I am antisemite since so and so said so, and specially so when they are french and of the same 'sale race'(lousy breed) as the current establishment who make ethnophobia an ethical must.

Because there is no better tool than basic pyrenean populism, aka East Virginia hill-billyism, to make most matters suitingly clear cut: you only have to hate their guts!

Not about Trump

I knew it, as usual I was wrong! I watched another podcast, the Glenn Show with John McWhorter:'It feels good to be a victim" and if I can't but have another round of reservations about how encompassing a political mind you can get from linguistics alone... there ain't no more no doubt about Glenn Loury, he is no sell-out, only a buy-in.

I know practically nothing of his circumstances since his specialty, economy, holds no appeal for me, addicted that I am to ideology of the most subjective kind; yet I feel for him. He must have had a very hard life and he fought all the way to earn what he got which doesn't seem sufficient to reward his efforts as they should be, leaving him angry (like me, must be the age!) with a right to yell at convicts who broke the law of the land, imperiling the social order that did not quite fulfill whatever desires people entertain in their, more or less orderly different ways.
And what kind of social order that is, if I may? I won't look into the kind of society a Hoover institution would promote by sponsoring Mr Loury's podcast; I'm afraid my literary penchant can't but entertain perverted ideas of jailing and damming... whence freely flows all political science.

Of course I do have my suspicions, unfounded as they should, according to my biased ideology that is telling me that you gotta walk the line, or else... Or else you won't be allowed to tread the downtrodden a little more, since that's what they deserve for failing to follow in the steps of the spirited giants who make the law; not for profit, mind you! For the bewitching timelessness of economic patterns forever unideologically envisioned by the Founding Fathers, liberty loving slave-owners.

I mostly don't really care what you thrive on, until you try to shove it down my throat, as America usually does to the rest of the world according to untrustworthy leaks that came my erratic way... Thou shall not stray!
Did I say 'tread', come on! I meant 'trample', the scum of the earth locked safely away where they can't threaten the Alma Mater of the American dream, gone middle-class miserly mean: police and penitentiary, upmarket philosophy if any. In french we'd say 'Touchez pas au grisbi!'

Suspicions born of a deep-rooted certitude that prisons at the american (or french) rate are a crime against humanity however evil said humanity is according to Mr Loury. Me and my dubitative, not to say dubious beliefs again!

Faith holy feeding shamelessly on addiction, unless the reverse be true, I had to watch another podcast for the epiphany to come, leaving behind whatever is not found beyond reasonable doubt. I lost the url but it was a Glenn show again, I'm almost certain, although I might be quite mistaken. What a shame this mind of mine, such a mess forever at a loss for the sources of his stew of biases, watering hole for this most basic conviction that the West ain't worth shit and civilization at large, open-air sewage. Except when it suits me to believe otherwise.
It's not about Trump, or the results of the election. I couldn't care less whether there was a fire, or not, beneath so much smoke. What novelty is there in the enduring american nightmare aka 'Sweet dreams from the Hill'?
It's about a guy angrily explaining that the manly behaviour, the american way was to accept the results, whether there had been or not foul play in Biden's favour, this for the sake of whatever sanctity is sacred to Glenn's Show where clarity shouldn't interfere. It's about some US pundit saying out loud that what is should be, as ought to be banned troublesome transparency, to make room for the peace we most desire, the one and only belief that matters: what has been will be and so be it!

Long live the curiosity-free narrative! Let's all buy into the obvious creed that, as far as decency goes, Washingtonia hasn't been sold out ages ago.