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Welcome to France, homeland of second hand life

For quite a while it's been blowing from the NW, with the Tramontane... listen to Bob's new song: "The times ain't gonna be changin' any time soon." Yankee is here to stay and there is no 'no' or so they say! NATO cares generously for me although I ungratefully feel whatever comes to me about the armed hand of the forever master race bred in the home of the brave wherever that recurring nightmare might be located currently.

Is there or not, a glitch, a bug, a bitch, a flaw, a plot?

07 07 2023
There is a glitch. Maybe not in the matrix... how would I know? Why should I care? a Twitter glitch nevertheless, since I mostly never get any tweet from Elon Musk in my thread, when I should, for being a subscriber to Mr Big Billionaire who, in my book, as billionaires go, looks like a rather decent person without any reason to strike out of his PR sphere Nobody Me, wallowing in silent anonymity and so sad, unlike his staff from what I've heard, of being deprived of his word, like many others perhaps, I don't know... in the grand scheme that the bug is not me, which alas! ain't at all unlikely.
Therefore, wherever it came from, there has to be a glitch, in my head or in the algorithm, unless of course there be traitors... Yes indeed, it's gotta be it! In our tumultuous times, how could there not be somewhere, some juicy conspiracy to enliven our dreary days of earthbound, not quite human, unamerican humans; a criminal plot to hamper mankind's victorious drive to the universe, where we'll all thrive, thanks to Elon, and Ursula... lest there be a flaw somehow. Where there is a bitch looming, a bleak moon's deemed to arise, rythm-wise; could it be that Ursula Von Pfizer is targeting the European subscribers to the Boss @ Twitter? For some high-minded strategic imperative maybe, maybe not, who knows? Just wondering... where does Twitter's european brass stand toward free speech? Where there is a glitch, a track of the unknown, there might be a notch, a beginning of understanding, the dawn of enlightening... from the first glyphs to the last meme, some among us seem to be getting a little too often the last word...
But don't let me be bitter, I only thought there must be, in all likelihood, a blame to be laid on someone somewhere, somehow; if I haven't again misunderstood what's the narrative to be told, which might not be what I feel, that is 'Ursula, raus; long live Russia'!
No glitch about it and, tough luck, no plot; but the simple credo that I'm not to be fed her master's chow and only long for the words of Elon! And then came true this morning all my dreams in my thread@twitter when I read his latest thoughts and now I know what I learned hitherto more or less and will from now on endlessly wonder what might be the reason explaining the delayed fulfilment of my appetite for the word@wherever... Clear and present danger over the western sphere, slow sinking is picking up speed, live from the Marianne trench!

What does America want?

02 08 2023
Let me see if I got it right... They want the dough, don't they! and the dollar from the dough; for free they need to hire the lady of the dough and her roll, as well as the spool, the beam, the bolt and the coil.
As befits a uniquely democratic spirit they demand of us, aliens of the world, to be thankful for their generosity and liberating us from the competition, the German-Japanese axis of evil, first edition, as defined by wannabes soon to follow in the hallowed tracks of the forever Master Race reborn nigh the Holy Wall where beat the hearts of the old new world, welcoming asylum in the aftermath of WW2 for many a refugee from the former top of the pick of the best who were imported by the US army (operation Paperclip) into the land of the Free, the Brave et al., to help reach the starry sky and build the new impregnable abode of all things human, greed-friendly and not otherwise.

Will I or Shan't I?

Once upon a social network thread, a nomadic film and philosophy wanderer said: 'Chinese work visas take about three months to obtain and there are English language teaching jobs for an native speaker out there. Why not go ahead and give it a go? Oh wait. you won't.' Proving that the teaching of english in China might unduly trust native speakers, another proof of the evils of undemocratic institutions forced upon a backward people too stupid to understand the many virtues of neo-colonialism.

I wish I were a native speaker of english, then I could get a job in China, learn all that I ignore about far eastern dictatorships... and take a break from forever experiencing first-hand how great western democracies truly are, day to day, with a bunch of mass-murderers leading the way. I kind of guess that, more or less, Mr Xi cares about me about as much as Mr Trump cares about the rights of the people in Hong Kong. And I care about the abstract rights of the liberal-minded freedom lovers just about as much as they care themselves about my own rights. And when I take a look at my immaculate western leaders I have an ever deepening respect for the dignity of Xi Xinping, who once was himself an outcast, compared to the best that the West can scrape around to lead us: Donald Trump, his Daddy's Donny or Joe Biden, the indescri-babble!

Whatever makes Xi move on a personal level, I don't see that he could do much differently than what he does, because that's what China is and has been for quite some time, just like the rest of the world, outside many a sweet dreamer's sphere of influence, and as far as I am concerned he makes a pretty efficient counter-weight to the ever-growing ambitions of Uncle Sam. So long live Xi Dada! and a tender thought to Dyadya Poutine too who, for all his KGB career -a spy for president, unheard of in America- is at the very least NOT a scion of the french middle-class! If you want to know what 'rotten' smells, look homeward traveller, give it a go.
And I'm done going because I already went.

Uncle Sam loves us

I'll tell you folks, aren't we lucky Uncle Sam loves us! He does love us, doesn't he? Of course he does, you dummy. At least he loves our leaders, or some of them, some of the time. And some love stories can end in such dreary ways. Look at Saddam. From friend to foe in the blink of an eye enhanced by a zillion guns. Look at Bin Laden, from jet-set gentlemen adventurer to very dead and sunk untried terror broker. Look... see, here comes the president of wherever you come from if it's not from the United States. Treading lightly the starry venues of our Washingtonian times. Marching up the same path as such heralds of Western Democracy before them, the Shah of Iran, the princes of Arabia. The glorious Marshall in Taïwan. And Catholic Ngo Dinh Diem in former South Vietnam (RVN) assassinated while the CIA was regretfully elsewhere busy. Such a long tradition of american fidelity to disposable dictators, such respect for the given word. Truly a great country, a big bellied-bully and a foul mouth. Here comes François Hollande... Get going, keep moving, nothing to see but an overdone bunny!

Here we go, disorganized

The French Yellow Vests, do you want to know who who they are, in USA gauge?
Here we gp: They are Appalachian Hillbillies, rust-belt Rednecks or Rocky Mountains snow workers. They come from the city or the countryside and from every suburbia in-between where the american dream went missing, just like the european... oh, wait! they were the same! Going down the same drain. Good riddance!
They are 'Sovereign Citizen' and 'Black Lives matter', left, right and center come together against the politicians, the unions and the media, which is why the establishment is out of the little mind it has left and experimenting with the famed Kent State crowd control methods. That's the french elite, half a century late to copy the worst that America ever thought of for its people's misfortune.
And some of them are #MAGA, but over here it means Make America Go Away and we are grateful, in our old world mocking way, to Donald Trump who did more, in his uniquely disgusting way, for the weakening of global oligarchies than all well-meaning leftists and broken-hearted liberals of the last 50 years mixed together.