Will I or Shan't I?

Once upon a social network thread, a nomadic film and philosophy wanderer said: 'Chinese work visas take about three months to obtain and there are English language teaching jobs for an native speaker out there. Why not go ahead and give it a go? Oh wait. you won't.' Proving that the teaching of english in China might unduly trust native speakers, another proof of the evils of undemocratic institutions forced upon a backward people too stupid to understand the many virtues of neo-colonialism.
I wish I were a native speaker of english, then I could get a job in China, learn all that I ignore about far eastern dictatorships... and take a break from forever experiencing first-hand how great western democracies truly are, day to day, with a bunch of mass-murderers leading the way. I kind of guess that, more or less, Mr Xi cares about me about as much as Mr Trump cares about the rights of the people in Hong Kong. And I care about the abstract rights of the liberal-minded freedom lovers just about as much as they care themselves about my own rights. And when I take a look at my immaculate western leaders I have an ever deepening respect for the dignity of Xi Xinping, who once was himself an outcast, compared to the best that the West can scrape around to lead us: Trump, his Daddy's Donny!
Whatever makes Xi move on a personal level, I don't see that he could do much differently than what he does, because that's what China is and has been for quite some time, just like the rest of the world, outside many a sweet dreamer's sphere of influence, and as far as I am concerned he makes a pretty efficient counter-weight to the ever-growing ambitions of Uncle Sam. So long live Xi Dada! and a tender thought to Dyadya Poutine too who, for all his KGB career -a spy for president, unheard of in America- is at the very least NOT a scion of the french middle-class! If you want to know what 'rotten' smells, look homeward traveller, give it a go.
And I'm done gone because I already went.


S'il n'est plus à prouver que nos aïeux n'étaient pas aussi uniformément Gaulois que le voulait certaine habitude de pensée, il serait temps quand même que l'on reconnaisse que les ancêtres de nos actuels maîtres étaient Francs, venus d'outre-Rhin, salauds d'immigrants. Francs, complètement. Ce que l'on observe sans peine chez leurs descendants qui se font appeler "Nos élus" par les électeurs, "vos représentants" par les journalistes et "leurs" parlementaires par les étrangers. Nos, Vos, Leurs par tout le monde en somme!"