A while ago I watched a video delivered by Nick Hanauer, a self-acknowledged plutocrat, venture capitalist and what not, telling the tale to a TED audience, many of them presumptive employees probably, but pretending to address his fellow plutocrats who should go back to being reasonable before their wayward ways jeopardize the sweet deal he so benignly enjoys and really desires to keep enjoying by selling to a gullible crowd what he got in mind, which is... scare the middle class about coming pitchforks to kindle their soaring desire to be bought.
Pitchforks, really? Such a worn out way to terrify the less than upper-middle class that Nick Hanauer is talking to at TED and elsewhere? Maybe, but a tried and true method to frighten Babbitt away from undesirable alliances, and into protecting capitalism from its worst excesses so it can supply a steady income to those very guys who don't want to understand that they gotta pay the middle class nicely to betray the lower classes, lest the good old nowadays not last for long.
The un-trickle down economics, is a blatant call to treason promoted by true patriots like Nick Hanauer so sincerely worried by the genuine needs of the nation, which, needless to say, is that all things should continue in the wake of what they were in yesteryears, forever.
Then could it be that while Mister Such-a-Nice-Guy the Plutocrat is talking to whomever, something else is watching along on the blind side, always dying to take middle mankind for another golden ride.

La France, ai-je entendu dire, culpabiliserait d'avoir coupé la tête de son roi aux temps héroïques de la révolution. Et j'ai même entendu certains avancer que pour expier cette ignominie la meilleure preuve de repentance, devant l'histoire et la communauté internationale, serait de guillotiner un président. Ou deux, ou trois; depuis 1793 ça en fait des intérêts composés! Et les économies qu'on ferait!


S'il n'est plus à prouver que nos aïeux n'étaient pas aussi uniformément Gaulois que le voulait certaine habitude de pensée, il serait temps quand même que l'on reconnaisse que les ancêtres de nos actuels maîtres étaient Francs, venus d'outre-Rhin, salauds d'immigrants. Francs, complètement. Ce que l'on observe sans peine chez leurs descendants qui se font appeler "Nos élus" par les électeurs, "vos représentants" par les journalistes et "leurs" parlementaires par les étrangers. Nos, Vos, Leurs par tout le monde en somme!"