Alex Jones is a Demon, he shall tweet no more

You know what...

Alex Jones is a Demon, he shall tweet no more

In his wisdom the good lord decreed: 'Alex Jones is a Demon, he shall be banned from social network heaven and won't be allowed to tweet any longer, for ever and ever'

How do you say it over there, in the land of the brave, he is 'batshit crazy', isn't he? Who is? Alex Jones who else. The worst of the worst of god knows what horrendous alt-right racist revival; a nut case to reign over us all, leading the way into psychosis, paranoïa and what not even worse. So what?!
A couple of minutes, once in a while, he can be funny; and if he hurt some people in his delirium, aren't there laws to take care of the outlaws, in the home of the free. Social networks' management can decide unhindered of their terms of use and enforce them whenever suitable, aka rule of law 2.0 as usual taken over by the new robber barons. Talk about broken news, if ever!
Alex Jones is loud and weird, entertaining, ludicrous, mostly repulsive... is he the one and only? Are his crimes so much worse than many that carry on untried? What's more, for all his madness, could it be that he is right? Could it be that our world is so insane that it demands to be spoken of insanely? Could it be that Alex Jones is ostracized for doing too good a job of reporting reality as it should be... if you don't mind going batshit crazy?
I do not need anybody sparing my brain from Alex Jones' comedy, I can turn it off at will ; I would rather be protected against the high morals of his enemies, by which I mean middle-class hypocrisy.


S'il n'est plus à prouver que nos aïeux n'étaient pas aussi uniformément Gaulois que le voulait certaine habitude de pensée, il serait temps quand même que l'on reconnaisse que les ancêtres de nos actuels maîtres étaient Francs, venus d'outre-Rhin, salauds d'immigrants. Francs, complètement. Ce que l'on observe sans peine chez leurs descendants qui se font appeler "Nos élus" par les électeurs, "vos représentants" par les journalistes et "leurs" parlementaires par les étrangers. Nos, Vos, Leurs par tout le monde en somme!"