Conspiracy theories are stupid, delusory, dumb. Unlike the new-born 'Conspiracies theory' in its virgin beauty. The Depth conspiracy and the Hollow conspiracy, the Shallow conspiracy of petty and greedy and the no-conspiracy conspiracy theory.

A problem with the 'conspiracy theory' theory, besides the fact that I tend to believe that its supporters seem to be missing something in the thinking sphere... don't we all try to grasp beyond the obvious? Are there no powerful interests, states, industries, finance, trying to shape the world as they see fit? How does society work? Aren't we thinking people planning the best possible outcomes for our actions? Don't we relate to other people to plan this sunday's BBQ, or the next war on cue, depending on our pay-grade? No problem at all, come on!
Truly it may be a little gross to think of everything as conspiracies when there are so many other sides to our human lives, so many ways in which the markets and other holy churches try to get at our purses and yet so many of them the results of anonymous interactions fixed with a deft hand across boardrooms, offices or the wire. Plots, thoughts, plans, conspiracies... where is the limit? When does 'naïve' turn into 'dumb' and straight thinking into stretched rhetoric trying to ignore the obvious, aka cover up? maybe not , but propaganda all the same.
Ah, ah! Conspirationism!

'Not on our watch! Not in our times!' Do I have to believe that these forces do not exist?
Haven't you heard the latest?! There never was any NSA. The CIA is an hallucination created by outerspace saurians that have long ago colonized the planet and hide in full sight but in places where one cannot sense their complete outlandishness.
In support of this I'll bring my own testimony, foolproof and failsafe as everybody knows it is. Haven't you ever wondered, on glimpsing through the tube or YouTube at this other universe... Glittering, gracious, smart. Nowhere have I ever seen their likes... They gotta be crocodiles from another galaxy!

Or else... Or else there are powerful people among us who not in the least behave as we commoners do. They do not believe in protecting their interest by thinking ahead of time, building partnerships and betraying them, studying the opposition, the competition and the enemy.
No sir. Ain't none conspiracy nowhere that I know of.
From heaven paradise fell over them for no other reason than godly favor which couldn't be awarded to all of us because the All-Powerful had a limited supply of the stuff for the time being and far into the future as current forecasts overwhelmingly tell, based as they are on convincing evidence going way back.

Don't start whining, there's nothing to it. No science, no fiction, no conspiracy, no alien caimans. Just a bunch of 'nothing new'; out of the Big Bang forever the same present which never was, since the observable universe is another plot as far flung flops forever go.

La France, ai-je entendu dire, culpabiliserait d'avoir coupé la tête de son roi aux temps héroïques de la révolution. Et j'ai même entendu certains avancer que pour expier cette ignominie la meilleure preuve de repentance, devant l'histoire et la communauté internationale, serait de guillotiner un président. Ou deux, ou trois; depuis 1793 ça en fait des intérêts composés! Et les économies qu'on ferait!

Les Grandes Réformes de la Ve: Simplification du Code du Travail

Dialogue social: F... you!
A la demande du premier ministre le patronat fait un geste à destination de ses salariés et des travailleurs périphériques mal reconnus par le système d'exploitation.

Le ministre déclare et le cabinet confirme, l'académie ayant délibéré, que le dialogue social aurait dorénavant comme langue officielle le latin. Au syndicat de l'éducation s'inquiétant déjà de la pénurie de professeurs en cette matière qui risquait d'entraver le processus démocratique, le ministère fait savoir qu'une augmentation du nombre d'enseignants ne serait pas nécessaire, au programme des échanges n'étant inscrit qu'un seul mot en langue romaine: "Amen"


S'il n'est plus à prouver que nos aïeux n'étaient pas aussi uniformément Gaulois que le voulait certaine habitude de pensée, il serait temps quand même que l'on reconnaisse que les ancêtres de nos actuels maîtres étaient Francs, venus d'outre-Rhin, salauds d'immigrants. Francs, complètement. Ce que l'on observe sans peine chez leurs descendants qui se font appeler "Nos élus" par les électeurs, "vos représentants" par les journalistes et "leurs" parlementaires par les étrangers. Nos, Vos, Leurs par tout le monde en somme!"